MAJUSTICE is a Japan-based multinational power metal band formed in 2021 by guitarist Jien Takahashi (STORMHEART), who was heavily influenced by Timo Tolkki’s composition skills (during the “classic” STRATOVARIUS period), as well as the guitar wizardry of Marty Friedman and Yngwie Malmsteen. 

MAJUSTICE features the powerful vocals of Iuri Sanson (ETERNITY’S END), the genius shred of keyboardist Vitalij Kuprij (RING OF FIRE), and the fretboard pyrotechnics of guitarist Kelly Simonz (KELLY SIMONZ’s BLIND FAITH). The lineup is rounded out by bassist Kaz Nakamura and drummer Yosuke Ibuki.

The band’s debut album is titled Ancestral Recall, and features the tracks “Ancestral Recall”, “Tears Of The Sky”, and ”Temple Of The Divided World” (a lung shredding duet with Ralf Scheepers of PRIMAL FEAR). In addition,  4 songs written by Timo Tolkki appear on the album: “Sonata Black”, “Dangerous”, “Infinite Visions”, and “You Rock My World”; originally slated to appear on an album by Timo’s now-defunct band INFINITE VISIONS, these songs were acquired by MAJUSTICE and given new life.

Ancestral Recall also has a special guest performance from legendary vocalist Mike Vescera (ex-LOUDNESS/ex-YNGWIE MALMSTEEN) who delivers incendiary lead vocals on two songs, “Now Your Turn” and ”Infinite Visions”.

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