SECHEM – Disputes With My Ba

Oriental Metal inspired by Ancient Egypt!


  1. In Search Of Immortality
  2. Mummify Me!
  3. Bird In A Cage
  4. An Epic Journey To Yam
  5. Sanehat
  6. Horus & Seth
  7. The Shipwrecked Sailor
  8. Rusty Nail
  9. Waltz Of The Three Fates
  10. The Doomed Prince

Sechem – Disputes With My Ba (2018)

IKENA – Vocals
MARTA SACRI – Recorders
PAOLO ANDREOTTI – Keyboards, Backing Vocals, and Orchestral Arrangements
PEPE RAULL – Guitars
SANTI URRUELA – Bass & Grunts

Sechem portrays Ancient Egypt in an intimate, unique, and modern style, with their music representing a fierce combination between the crazy and heavy rhythms of the new subgenres of metal and the ancient and exotic instruments and melodies from different parts of the world. Sechem proudly presents its first studio album,Disputes With My Ba, which was produced by the creator of Oriental Metal itself, the multitalented Yossi Sassi (ex-Orphaned Land).

A passionate and eclectic debut whose music, lyrics, and visual imagery converge in different metaphorical layers, giving life to some of the most recognized ancient Egyptian texts but with a metal twist. Marta Sacri (recorders): “As ancient Egyptians loved games and making art with words and images, we tried to imitate this type of writing that has multiple meanings, so this album is a double voyage: on the surface, it’s the listener’s trip to ten songs that try to mesmerize them with the words of the scribes, accompanied with ethnic sounds. The second voyage is personal and contemporary so, through our particular interpretation with heavy and powerful riffs and insane guitar solos, anyone can feel a close connection with this ancient world”.

Yossi Sassi adds: “Sechem are delivering a special sound, resulting in a melodic and powerful album, which I’m sure both metal & melodic music lovers will appreciate. I think they are showing an original approach to the oriental metal scene. The use of special traditional instruments, with influences from multiple metal genres and a strong front woman, are a great combination for success. They sound like many things yet have their own color – instantly recognizable.”

Mixed by Arie Aranovich (Angra, Orphaned Land), and mastered by Jonathan Jiacobi (Jaffa Sound Arts Studio) in Israel, “Disputes With My Ba” exemplifies the complex evolution of modern metal, as it has a huge variety of sounds blended together: from djent riffs and pure oriental metal (“In Search of Immortality”) to salsa-metal with maracas (“The Doomed Prince”), from stoner (“Rusty Nail”) to crazy power metal solos (“An Epic Journey To Yam”), from traditional Folk Metal (“Horus & Seth”) to jazz-style melodies (“Bird in a Cage”).


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