About Ancestral Dawn

Ancestral Dawn’s upcoming album, “Souldance”, is the most ambitious work in the history of Peruvian metal to date. Mixing ancient South American instruments, international world class guests and an Inca culture-based storytelling, the band turns its first album into a powerful and unique Metal Opera.

The band was created in 2013 by bassist Jorge Higginson, teaming up with Jorge Segersbol (vocals) and Mark Astorga (management). That year, they released their first single, “Rise of the Ancestor”, featuring singer Jonas Heidgert from the Swedish band, Dragonland.

The single had an excellent reception among the fans; besides, it was a way to recruit and define the current lineup, which is formed by Jorge Segersbol (Vocals), Jorge Higginson (Bass), Devadip Chunga (Drums), Bryan Bello (Keyboards) and Josué Castro (Guitar).



  • Jorge Higginson – Author/Bass/ PanFlutes
  • Jorge Segersbol – Main Vocals
  • Devadip Chunga – Drums
  • Bryan Bello – Keyboards
  • Josue Castro – Guitars

Special Guests

  • Fabio Lione – Vocals
  • Ralf Scheepers – Vocals
  • Jonas Heidgert – Vocals
  • Rick Altzi – Vocals
  • Roland Grapow – Guitar
  • Mark Boals – Vocals
  • Nathalie Markoch – Vocals
  • Amanda Somerville – Vocals