About Les Anges Gardiens

Les Anges Gardiens’ album, Once Upon A Time, features catchy songs with a winning spirit! “For example, Il était une fois nos vies” is a contemplation about the future à la Pink Floyd with a dancing beat; “Quand est-ce?” is an autobiographic description of the suburbs; and “Si je cours” is an uptempo rock song about how love can help overcome the troubles in life. Once Upon A Time is French pop rock in 3 min slices; it’s fresh, melodic and punchy! If you like Blondie, Polnareff, disco music and pop singles from the late 70’s and the beginning of the 80’s, then Les Anges Gardiens is the band — and sound — for you!

Les Anges Gardiens tour a lot, with an average of 80 concerts a year; some say they saw them playing more than 5 hour gigs. They have performed at Zénith in Lille, Divan du Monde in Paris, le Bulex in Brussels, Gala école des Mines in Nantes, l’Intermédiaire in Marseille, Casablanca in Morocco… as well as hundreds more venues in France, Belgium, and Luxembourg.

They like :
Rock, pop, disco, 70’s glam rock, Abba, The Clash, The Undertones, Blondie, Elvis, Madness, The Rubettes, Giorgio Moroder, Sylvester, Fleetwood Mac, Dylan, Tamla Motown, Roxy Music with Eno, Bruce Springsteen, Chic, Polnareff.

Driving on the roads, brotherhood, the sea, the night, dancing, Brussels, Belgium, the north, the Cévennes, Morocco, the Vercors, Vézelay, Gironde estuary, the Morvan, Marseille, the Camargue, Auguste Escoffier, grilled chickens & french fries from barrière St Gilles, vietnamese sandwiches from 13th arrondissement in Paris , tajine, kosbor, Les Géants de Lille, Courbis, Maradona, Cantona.


Fabrice – was Ika’s drummer, a glam-rock band with Louis Ronan Choisy as the lead singer; he’s now Les Anges Gardiens’ singer and guitarist.

Dorian – is the drummer: He masters many different aspects of the music production, and has worked as a sound engineer, mixing engineer, producer, drummer and composer.

Dris – is the bass player, he studied art, he grew up in Rabat Morocco…pop music was an eye-opener for him.

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