ETERNITY’S END Release New Single & Music Video, “Hounds Of Tindalos”

ETERNITY’S END have released “Hounds of Tindalos” – the third single to be taken from the band’s upcoming third full-length, Embers Of War. Alongside the single release, the European technical power metal five-piece have also produced a music video for the track. The visual presentation showcases ETERNITY’S END performing within a futuristic setting, reflective of Embers Of Wars’ sci-fi inspired themes.

Christian Muenzner (Guitars & Keyboards) comments on the single: “Hounds of Tindalos is one of the catchiest songs we have written so far and also our first official music video. It contains all of the core elements of the band’s sound in a compact format. This track combines the classic German and American schools of Heavy/Power Metal with some of the neoclassical elements found in our earlier work. There are several aggressive riffs, epic vocal melodies, shredding guitars and a huge anthemic chorus.

The lyrics are inspired by the story of the same name by Frank Belknap Long about a mad scientist who experiments with psylocybin to access other dimensions. In doing so he opens a door to a world that should never have been opened and is haunted by the entities he encounters there ever since. The scientist’s laboratory and interdimensional gate is reflected in the scenery of the video clip.”

Formed in 2014 by guitarist and songwriter Christian Muenzner (Obscura, Paradox, Alkaloid, ex-Necrophagist), ETERNITY’S END have been through a series of line up changes on their way to perfecting their sound as well as evolving into a band that would logistically be able to tour. To date the band has released two critically acclaimed studio albums, one of which was financed through crowdfunding.

With a refreshed line up onboard, the band set to work on what would become Embers Of War. The album features twin guitar solos reminiscent of Racer X and Cacophony, and bombastic choruses in the vein of Iron Savior and Blind Guardian. Combined with theatrics and story-telling chops that would make King Diamond proud, the results are nothing short of fantastical.

Embers Of War was written between November 2019 and October 2020 before being recorded between October 2020 and May 2021. The album was produced by Christian Muenzner and Hannes Grossmann and mixed and mastered by Hannes Grossmann at Mordor Sound studios. The choirs were provided by Piet Sielck and Jan Sören Eckert of German power metal veterans Iron Savior.

Embers of War’s eight songs bear all the hallmarks of a future classic of the genre and are bound to lead listeners into a world full of magical wonder, far from their daily realities. Embers Of War is due for release on November 26 via Prosthetic Records.

Embers of Wartracklist:

1. Dreadnought (The Voyage of the Damned)
2. Bane of the Blacksword
3. Hounds of Tindalos
4. Call of the Valkyries
5. Arcturus Prime
6. Shaded Heart
7. Deathrider
8. Embers of War

Iuri Sanson – Vocals
Christian Muenzner – Guitars / Keyboards
Justin Hombach – Guitars
Linus Klausenitzer – Bass
Hannes Grossmann – Drums

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Japan’s MAJUSTICE announce debut album featuring members of Loudness, TSO, Eternity’s End, KELLY Simonz’s BLIND FAITH, release preview video

MAJUSTICE is a multinational power metal band formed in 2021 by guitarist Jien Takahashi (STORMHEART/BASKERVILLE), who was heavily influenced by Timo Tolkki’s composition skills (during the “classic” STRATOVARIUS period), as well as the guitar wizardry of Marty Friedman and Yngwie Malmsteen.

MAJUSTICE features the powerful vocals of Iuri Sanson (ETERNITY’S END/ex-HIBRIA), the genius shred of keyboardist Vitalij Kuprij (TRANSIBERIAN ORCHESTRA/RING OF FIRE), and the fretboard pyrotechnics of guitarist Kelly Simonz (KELLY SIMONZ’s BLIND FAITH. The lineup is rounded out by bassist Kaz Nakamura (KELLY SIMONZ’s BLIND FAITH/MARK BOALS) and drummer Yosuke Yamada (KELLY SIMONZ’s BLIND FAITH/MARK BOALS).

The band’s debut album will be titled Ancestral Recall, with some of the tracks slated to appear including “Ancestral Recall”, “Tears Of The Sky”, and “Now Your Turn”. In addition,  4 songs written by Timo Tolkki will be appear on the album: “Sonata Black”, “Dangerous”, “Infinite Visions”, and “You Rock My World”; originally slated to appear on an album by Timo’s now-defunct band INFINITE VISIONS, these songs were acquired by MAJUSTICE and given new life.

Ancestral Recall will also have special guest performances: legendary vocalist Mike Vescera (ex-LOUDNESS/ex-YNGWIE MALMSTEEN) who will be singing two songs, and LOUDNESS drummer Ryuichi Nishida playing on one track.

MAJUSTICE have released a preview video of the demo version of two songs which will be on their upcoming debut album, “Ancestral Recall” and “Now Your Turn” (featuring Mike Vescera). It can be viewed here:

For further information visit the band’s social media:

Web site:



Twitter: @MajusticeMetal

Vocals…Iuri Sanson (Eternity’s End, ex-Hibria)
Guitar…Jien Takahashi (Stormheart, Baskerville)
Guitar…Kelly SIMONZ (Kelly Simonz’s Blind Faith, Mark Boals)
Keyboards…Vitalij Kuprij (Artension, Ring of Fire, Trans Siberian Orchestra)
Bass…Kaz Nakamura(Kelly Simonz’s Blind Faith, Mark Boals)
Drums…Yosuke Yamada(Kelly Simonz’s Blind Faith, Mark Boals)

Guest Vocals…Mike Vescera ( ANIMETAL USA, ex-Loudness, ex-Yngwie Malmsteen)
Guest Drums…Ryuichi Nishida (Loudness)


Artaban´s Redemption to release “Broken Puppets” EP in May 2021

Artaban´s Redemption is a band created by Alvaro Weik at the end of 2020. It was a personal project created to put out some songs composed during that year. In May 2021 the band will release their debut EP: Broken Puppets. The 5 Power Metal
songs tell a futuristic story where machines — provided with AI — rebel against the increasingly selfish humans that treat them as rubbish once they get old.

Aside from Alvaro Weik (Unbound), this project includes Roberto Cappa (Dark Moor) on drums, Francesco Ferraro (Freedom Call, Vexillum) on bass guitar, Elena Alonso (Lethargus) playing keyboards, and Ivan Giannini (Vision Divine, Derdian) providing vocals, creating a combo of renowned Heavy Metal musicians.

The songs were mixed and mastered at Dan Diez’s (Tierra Santa) Rock Lab Studios. Apart from that, he contributed a guitar solo for one of the songs.

Broken Puppets is a Power Metal EP with elaborated melodies, orchestral elements, fast double bass drums and high-pitched vocals, that pay tribute to the classic albums released during the 90s by bands like Gamma Ray, Edguy, Helloween or Running Wild.

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Sirenia guitarist Nils Courbaron covers Journey classic with members of Elvenking and Silent Winter


Acclaimed guitarist Nils Courbaron (Sirenia, Think Of A New Kind) has released a metalized cover of the Journey classic, “Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)”. Joining him on this Nils Courbaron Project interpretation are vocalist Mike Livas from Silent Winter and guitarist Mattia “Headmatt” Carli from Elvenking.

The song can be streamed on Nils’ official Spotify page:

Nils’ band Sirenia recently released their latest album, “Riddles, Ruins & Revelations”, while Mike’s band Silent Winter will be releasing their new album, “Empire Of Sins”, later this month.

The lineup of Nils, Mike & Mattia had earlier collaborated on a cover of Ghost’s “Kiss the Go-Goat”, which can be viewed here:

And here is Nils’ take on the Iron Maiden classic, “Wicker Man”:

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REVEAL release “(Re)Master Of Present And Past” single featuring Mentalist vocalist Rob Lundgren

Currently working on writing their 3rd album, Spanish power metal band Reveal have released the single “(Re)Master Of Present And Past”. Originally appearing as “Master Of Present And Past” on the band’s 2nd album, Overlord, this a new vision of the song, with a heavier metal sound and more power! The song features Mentalist vocalist Rob Lundgren, a well-known Youtube presence with almost 200,000 followers.

“(Re)Master Of Present And Past” was re-recorded, re-mixed and re-mastered by band leader and guitarist Tino Hevia.

It can be streamed here:

The cover artwork for “(Re)Master Of Present And Past” was created by the famed illustrator and designer Felipe Machado, who has done artwork for Blind Guardian, Iced Earth, Rhapsody Of Fire, and many others.

In addition, the band has announced: “We are back with FC Metal for distribution and promotion, a company that has always treated us well, from the time of Darksun to the first Reveal album. FC Metal is not only a great company, they are like brothers to us and possibly the best professionals we have met in all these years.”

Reveal’s recording and touring lineup is completed by well-known Spanish musicians with extensive experience in the studio and live arena, including his DarkSun bandmates David Figuer (lead guitar), Dani Cabal (drums), and Helena Pinto (keyboards).

The video for the original version of “Master Of Present And Past” can be viewed here:

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New album by Morrigu features At The Gates’ Adrian Erlandsson on drums; release video for “A Funeral Of Liberty”



After 4 years of hard work, the new Morrigu album “In Turbulence” will be released on April 23, 2021. With eight strong and varied songs, the record is the implementation of a concept of collaboration between Morrigu and multiple artists. Musically, it is a cross section of all previous albums that the band has released, with Morrigu’s music appealing to fans of Amorphis, Dark Tranquility, or Evergrey. “A Funeral Of Liberty” is the first video/single from the album.

As the band wanted the best quality for their music — and to work with real instruments instead of sampling — they asked musicians from all over the world to work with them, including Adrian Erlandsson (At The Gates, The Haunted) on drums. Together with the experience of Adrian and Jakob Herrmann (who engineered the recordings in his Top Floor Studio) they got the drum sound that they had always dreamed of.

Like with the last album, Jens Bogren (Opeth, Arch Enemy, At The Gates) was commissioned for the mastering. Various artists were also hired for the album artwork, with Niklas Sundin (Dark Tranquility, In Flames, Soilwork) drawing the phoenix on the front cover.

Morrigu Lineup:

Severin Binder – Guitars Acoustic Guitars, Synths

Mirko Binder – Bass

Luca Neukom – Guitars

Additional Musicians

Adrian Erlandsson – Drums (At The Gates, The Haunted)

Ricardo Jorge Borges Rodrigues – Vocals (Clamaty Islet, Forbidden To Fly)

Guest Musicians

Moonchild Shi / Ethnic Vocals

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Timo Tolkki’s new band Infinite Visions release drum playthrough video of song “Sonata Black” featuring Pawel Jaroszewicz (ex-Hate/Vader)


Timo Tolkki’s fans have been asking for a fast power metal song from him for years — and now their wish is granted! INFINITE VISIONS, the new band of ex-Stratovarius guitarist & songwriter Timo Tolkki, have started a crowdfunding campaign to help finance the cost of creating their debut album, Union Magnetica. In support of this campaign the band is now releasing a drum playthrough video for the song “Sonata Black”, featuring the stellar drumming skills of Pawel Jaroszewicz (drums, ex-Hate/Vader). This is a special crowdfunding instrumental version of “Sonata Black” — if you want to hear the final version of the song with vocals you will have to wait for the album! So please contribute and help make it happen!!

Many perks are being offered including the Union Magnetica CD, an extensive collection of band demos, an exclusive t-shirt, guitar lessons with Timo, and much more! The crowdfunding campaign can be found here:

The song can also be streamed on the band’s official web site:

Infinite Visions’ lineup is completed by: Timo Tolkki (guitars), Erik Kraemer (vocals, Simulacrum), Jimmy Pitts (keyboards, Eternity’s End/NorthTale), and Pierre-Emmanuel Pélisson (bass, Civilization One/ex-Heavenly). The band states: “Infinite Visions are ready to record their debut album and need your help to make this happen! They require a minimum of 10.000 euro to complete the album and pay for related costs, such as:
•    Recording
•    Mixing
•    Mastering
•    Album Artwork & graphic design of layout
•    Band Photos

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Timo Tolkki’s band Infinite Visions announce crowdfunding campaign for debut album, release playthrough video of demo song



INFINITE VISIONS, the new band of ex-Stratovarius guitarist & songwriter Timo Tolkki, have started a crowdfunding campaign to help finance the cost of creating their debut album, Union Magnetica. To launch the campaign the band is releasing a playthrough video for the song “You Rock My World”, a track from their recently completed 4-song demo which was mixed by Dani G (Rage, Firewind). “You Rock My World” was specifically chosen as the song to kick off the crowdfunding as it is a song for the fans and about the fans.

The video features all 5 members of the band: Timo Tolkki (guitars), Erik Kraemer (vocals, Simulacrum), Pawel Jaroszewicz (drums, ex-Hate/Vader), Jimmy Pitts (keyboards, Eternity’s End/NorthTale), and Pierre-Emmanuel Pélisson (bass, Civilization One/ex-Heavenly).

The crowdfunding campaign can be found here:

The song can also be streamed on the band’s official web site:

The band states: “Infinite Visions are ready to record their debut album and need your help to make this happen! They require a minimum of 10.000 euro to complete the album and pay for related costs, such as:
•    Recording
•    Mixing
•    Mastering
•    Album Artwork & graphic design of layout
•    Band Photos

Although a large number of fans have been waiting for some classic metal songs from Timo, record sales aren’t what they used to be & the music industry has changed considerably. This change has resulted in bands getting smaller advances from labels and a limited budget for recording. With a desire to release only the best possible album — and not wanting to disappoint their fans — Timo and Infinite Visions turn to crowdfunding.”

Infinite Visions are also taking this opportunity to announce Pierre-Emmanuel Pélisson as the new bassist.Pierre has over 20 years experience in both the studio and stage, having recorded and performed with several artists including Heavenly (Sign Of The Winnerand Dust To Dustalbums) and Civilization One (Revolution Risingand Calling The Gods). Pierre takes over bass duties from Jari Kainulainen, who left the band earlier this month for personal reasons.

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Ex-Stratovarius guitarist Timo Tolkki announces Erik Kraemer as vocalist of Infinite Visions, new song to be released

Ex-Stratovarius guitarist Timo Tolkki proudly announces Erik Kraemer as vocalist, finalizing the INFINITE VISIONS lineup. Erik states, “I am happy to say that I will be part of Timo Tolkki’s Infinite Visions. It is a huge honor to be a member of a band full of very talented musicians. I’m very excited, and I will utilize my vocal abilities to the maximum to create the best music possible for people to hear”.

This past summer, Erik played an acoustic show in Finland with Timo where they performed several Stratovarius classics including “Black Diamond”, “Hunting High And Low”, “Forever” and “Eagleheart”.

Video of Erik and Timo performing an acoustic version of “Black Diamond”:

Erik is known for his impressive vocal range, and also sings for the Finnish progressive metal band Simulacrum (Frontiers Records). Here he sings a cover of the Steelheart classic, “She’s Gone”:

Infinite Visions has finished recording a 4-song demo which will now be presented to labels worldwide. This demo includes the tracks “Dangerous”, “Sonata Black”, “You Rock My World” and “Infinite Visions”, songs which will be featured on their upcoming album, “Union Magnetica”, to be released in 2021. They plan to tour and perform select festival dates next year.

The band will be starting a crowdfunding campaign early next month to help finance the making of their album. To kick off the crowdfunding they will release a video for a song from their 4-track demo, with this song also streaming on the band’s web site.

For more information, follow the latest news on the Infinite Visions social media pages:

Infinite Visions’ lineup includes Timo Tolkki (guitars), Jari Kainulainen (bass, Masterplan/ex-Stratovarius), Pawel Jaroszewicz (drums, ex-Hate/Vader), and Jimmy Pitts (keyboards, Eternity’s End/NorthTale). Infinite Visions would like to thank Jorge Segersbol, a great vocal talent who due to the global COVID-19 pandemic could not logistically continue with Infinite Visions as he was located in Peru and the band in Europe.

Eternity’s End guitarists Christian Muenzner & Phil Tougas release play-through video for “Necromantic Worship”

ETERNITY’S END have released a playthrough video for “Necromantic Worship”, a total shred fest featuring the twin guitar attack of Christian Muenzner (Obscura/Paradox) & Phil Tougas (First Fragment/Funebrarum). 

Phil comments, “This is “Necromantic Worship” by Eternity’s End. This song has tons of Jason Becker/Marty Friedman/Cacophony vibes, through a filter of 90s European Power Metal, US technical Thrash & Apocrypha/Helstar influences – just modernized. Hannes Grossmann, whom is also the band’s drummer, remixed the song for this video specifically. Each song off Unyielding(the album we released last year) all sound different from one another but this one is definitely the least Euro-power sounding song of it.”

Unyieldingis the 2nd album from Eternity’s End and incorporates the same neoclassical elements and complex keyboard work already present on their debut release, The Fire Within, all while taking cues from the mid to late 90’s German/European Power Metal classics and the 80s US Power Metal scene. Their intent was to create riff-oriented and straight-forward, technical yet catchy power metal hymns with a high emphasis on harmonized leads and guitar solo duels that bring to mind the golden age of Shrapnel Records guitar heroes.

The band’s lineup includes vocalist Iuri Sanson (ex-Hibria), keyboardist Jimmy Pitts (Infinite Visions/NorthTale) and drummer Hannes Grossman (Alkaloid/Triptykon). They are currently writing material for their 3rd album.

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