ETERNITY’S END Release New Single & Music Video, “Hounds Of Tindalos”

ETERNITY’S END have released “Hounds of Tindalos” – the third single to be taken from the band’s upcoming third full-length, Embers Of War. Alongside the single release, the European technical power metal five-piece have also produced a music video for the track. The visual presentation showcases ETERNITY’S END performing within a futuristic setting, reflective of Embers Of Wars’ sci-fi inspired themes.

Christian Muenzner (Guitars & Keyboards) comments on the single: “Hounds of Tindalos is one of the catchiest songs we have written so far and also our first official music video. It contains all of the core elements of the band’s sound in a compact format. This track combines the classic German and American schools of Heavy/Power Metal with some of the neoclassical elements found in our earlier work. There are several aggressive riffs, epic vocal melodies, shredding guitars and a huge anthemic chorus.

The lyrics are inspired by the story of the same name by Frank Belknap Long about a mad scientist who experiments with psylocybin to access other dimensions. In doing so he opens a door to a world that should never have been opened and is haunted by the entities he encounters there ever since. The scientist’s laboratory and interdimensional gate is reflected in the scenery of the video clip.”

Formed in 2014 by guitarist and songwriter Christian Muenzner (Obscura, Paradox, Alkaloid, ex-Necrophagist), ETERNITY’S END have been through a series of line up changes on their way to perfecting their sound as well as evolving into a band that would logistically be able to tour. To date the band has released two critically acclaimed studio albums, one of which was financed through crowdfunding.

With a refreshed line up onboard, the band set to work on what would become Embers Of War. The album features twin guitar solos reminiscent of Racer X and Cacophony, and bombastic choruses in the vein of Iron Savior and Blind Guardian. Combined with theatrics and story-telling chops that would make King Diamond proud, the results are nothing short of fantastical.

Embers Of War was written between November 2019 and October 2020 before being recorded between October 2020 and May 2021. The album was produced by Christian Muenzner and Hannes Grossmann and mixed and mastered by Hannes Grossmann at Mordor Sound studios. The choirs were provided by Piet Sielck and Jan Sören Eckert of German power metal veterans Iron Savior.

Embers of War’s eight songs bear all the hallmarks of a future classic of the genre and are bound to lead listeners into a world full of magical wonder, far from their daily realities. Embers Of War is due for release on November 26 via Prosthetic Records.

Embers of Wartracklist:

1. Dreadnought (The Voyage of the Damned)
2. Bane of the Blacksword
3. Hounds of Tindalos
4. Call of the Valkyries
5. Arcturus Prime
6. Shaded Heart
7. Deathrider
8. Embers of War

Iuri Sanson – Vocals
Christian Muenzner – Guitars / Keyboards
Justin Hombach – Guitars
Linus Klausenitzer – Bass
Hannes Grossmann – Drums

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