Sirenia guitarist Nils Courbaron forms new band with members of Freedom Call, Silent Winter, Sirenia

Nils Courbaron, lead guitarist of SIRENIA, has announced that he’s formed a new band with Francesco Saverio Ferraro (bassist; FREEDOM CALL, VEXILLUM), Mike Livas (vocalist; SILENT WINTER) and Michael Brush (drums; SIRENIA, Ex -MAGIC KINGDOM/IRON MASK).

The band was in France last week to finish the mixing and mastering of their first album at the Vamacara Studio. They also took some photos at the studio (attached).

No release date has been announced for the moment but Nils said ” It’s the most ambitious project I’ve ever done… Stay Tuned!”

Nils’ incredible guitar playing and compositional skills can be heard on the instrumental track “Purple Horizon” from his solo project:

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