Hangar – The Best Of 15 Years, Based On A True Story…(2-CDs)

Hangar, cover of Best of 15 years

Track Listing

CD 1

  1. Hastiness
  2. The Infallible Emperor (1956)
  3. Forgotten Pictures
  4. Captivity (A House With A Thousand Rooms)
  5. A Miracle In My Life
  6. Forgive The Pain
  7. Some Light To Find My Way
  8. When The Darkness Takes You
  9. The Reason Of Your Conviction
  10. Betrayer
  11. Let Me Know Who I Am
  12. Denied
  13. The Dark Passenger
  14. To Tame A Land (Live)

CD 2

  1. Dreaming Of Black Waves
  2. Based On A True Story
  3. Call Me In The Name Of Death
  4. Solitary Mind* (Acoustic)
  5. Time To Forget
  6. One More Chance* (Acoustic)
  7. Haunted By Your Ghosts
  8. Your Skin And Bones
  9. Your Skin And Bones* (Acoustic)
  10. Colorblind
  11. Angel Of The Stereo* (Acoustic)
  12. Angel Of The Stereo
  13. Like A Wind In The Sky
  14. Inside Your Soul
  15. Hastiness (Live)


For fans of DREAM THEATER, KAMELOT, SYMPHONY X, PAGAN’S MIND! A 2-CD collection of the best works from HANGAR showcasing the quality of the band’s songwriting & musicianship. Includes select tracks from 5 studio albums, 6 previously unreleased songs, plus unplugged versions of intense double bass songs such as “Your Skin And Bones” and “Angel Of The Stereo” transformed into mellow and atmospheric acoustic masterpieces.