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Japan’s MAJUSTICE announce debut album featuring members of Loudness, TSO, Eternity’s End, KELLY Simonz’s BLIND FAITH, release preview video

MAJUSTICE is a multinational power metal band formed in 2021 by guitarist Jien Takahashi (STORMHEART/BASKERVILLE), who was heavily influenced by Timo Tolkki’s composition skills (during the “classic” STRATOVARIUS period), as well as the guitar wizardry of Marty Friedman and Yngwie Malmsteen. MAJUSTICE features the powerful vocals of Iuri Sanson (ETERNITY’S END/ex-HIBRIA), the genius shred of […]

Artaban´s Redemption to release “Broken Puppets” EP in May 2021

Artaban´s Redemption is a band created by Alvaro Weik at the end of 2020. It was a personal project created to put out some songs composed during that year. In May 2021 the band will release their debut EP: Broken Puppets. The 5 Power Metal songs tell a futuristic story where machines — provided with […]

Sirenia guitarist Nils Courbaron covers Journey classic with members of Elvenking and Silent Winter

  Acclaimed guitarist Nils Courbaron (Sirenia, Think Of A New Kind) has released a metalized cover of the Journey classic, “Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)”. Joining him on this Nils Courbaron Project interpretation are vocalist Mike Livas from Silent Winter and guitarist Mattia “Headmatt” Carli from Elvenking. The song can be streamed on Nils’ official Spotify […]

REVEAL release “(Re)Master Of Present And Past” single featuring Mentalist vocalist Rob Lundgren

Currently working on writing their 3rd album, Spanish power metal band Reveal have released the single “(Re)Master Of Present And Past”. Originally appearing as “Master Of Present And Past” on the band’s 2nd album, Overlord, this a new vision of the song, with a heavier metal sound and more power! The song features Mentalist vocalist […]

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