Ex-HAMMERFALL, FIREWIND members form THE SIGN, To release first single

THE SIGN is a new multinational rock band put together by Swedish virtuoso bassist Magnus Rosen (Ex-Hammerfall, Billionaires Boys Club, Tony Martin of Black Sabbath) and Sri Lankan-born veteran vocalist Chitral ‘Chity’ Somapala (Red Circuit, Ex-Avalon, Firewind), with the lineup completed by Rosen’s fellow countryman, the versatile session guitarist Jörgen Alnevall.    Influenced by 70’s […]

SECHEM To Release “Disputes With My Ba” Album In December

Oriental Metal band SECHEM will release their first studio album, Disputes With My Ba, on December 21, 2018. SECHEM portrays Ancient Egypt in an intimate, unique, and modern style, with their music representing a fierce combination between the crazy and heavy rhythms of the new subgenres of metal and the ancient and exotic instruments and melodies from different parts of the world.

Disputes With My Ba was produced by the creator of Oriental Metal itself, the multitalented Yossi Sassi (ex-Orphaned Land), mixed by Arie Aranovich (Angra, Orphaned Land), and mastered by Jonathan Jiacobi (Jaffa Sound Arts Studio) in Israel. The album exemplifies the complex evolution of modern metal, as it has a huge variety of sounds blended together: from djent riffs and pure oriental metal (“In Search of Immortality”) to salsa-metal with maracas (“The Doomed Prince”), from stoner (“Rusty Nail”) to crazy power metal solos (“An Epic Journey To Yam”), from traditional Folk Metal (“Horus & Seth”) to jazz-style melodies (“Bird in a Cage”).

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FLAMORN unleash “Through The Line Of The Edge” video


Hailing from from St. Petersburg, Russia, Modern Melodic Death Metal band FLAMORN have unleashed a video for “Through The Line Of The Edge”.

The song is from their upcoming full-length album, Intersection, which will be released on October 1, 2018. The album features 9 tracks of brutal, uncompromising melodic death metal, including “Under The Grey Sky,” “Reflection Of Time,” and “Utopia In Absolute.”

FLAMORN will be playing two release shows, the first in their hometown of St. Petersburg on October 5, and then October 7 in Moscow.

Releasing material since 2014, the band has previously put out three singles (“Akashic Field”, “I’m Infected” and “Hologram”) and one EP, the 4-track Our Souls Are Born Again.

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Kill Procedure

KILL PROCEDURE To Release 5 Videos From Brink Of Destruction Album



KILL PROCEDURE will be unleashing their Brink Of Destruction album on September 1, 2017. In anticipation of this event, the band has made videos for the following 5 songs: “Trioxynon”, “Hate Spilled Over”, “Spells Death”, “Bone Head” and “All The Pain”. They will unveil one video every other day until the album’s release. The first is “Trioxynon”.

Recorded in 1995, KILL PROCEDURE’s Brink Of Destruction album brings to mind classic MEGADETH, TESTAMENT, and U.S. power metal. Highlights include “Trioxynon”, “Spells Death”, “All The Pain” and the crushing title track!

KILL PROCEDURE is a band for any heavy metal fan who loves killer guitar riffs, memorable solos, and great songwriting!