Timo Tolkki’s band Infinite Visions announce crowdfunding campaign for debut album, release playthrough video of demo song



INFINITE VISIONS, the new band of ex-Stratovarius guitarist & songwriter Timo Tolkki, have started a crowdfunding campaign to help finance the cost of creating their debut album, Union Magnetica. To launch the campaign the band is releasing a playthrough video for the song “You Rock My World”, a track from their recently completed 4-song demo which was mixed by Dani G (Rage, Firewind). “You Rock My World” was specifically chosen as the song to kick off the crowdfunding as it is a song for the fans and about the fans.

The video features all 5 members of the band: Timo Tolkki (guitars), Erik Kraemer (vocals, Simulacrum), Pawel Jaroszewicz (drums, ex-Hate/Vader), Jimmy Pitts (keyboards, Eternity’s End/NorthTale), and Pierre-Emmanuel Pélisson (bass, Civilization One/ex-Heavenly).

The crowdfunding campaign can be found here: https://www.hithit.com/en/project/8735/infinite-visions-union-magnetica-album-funding

The song can also be streamed on the band’s official web site: https://infinitevisionsband.com/music

The band states: “Infinite Visions are ready to record their debut album and need your help to make this happen! They require a minimum of 10.000 euro to complete the album and pay for related costs, such as:
•    Recording
•    Mixing
•    Mastering
•    Album Artwork & graphic design of layout
•    Band Photos

Although a large number of fans have been waiting for some classic metal songs from Timo, record sales aren’t what they used to be & the music industry has changed considerably. This change has resulted in bands getting smaller advances from labels and a limited budget for recording. With a desire to release only the best possible album — and not wanting to disappoint their fans — Timo and Infinite Visions turn to crowdfunding.”

Infinite Visions are also taking this opportunity to announce Pierre-Emmanuel Pélisson as the new bassist.Pierre has over 20 years experience in both the studio and stage, having recorded and performed with several artists including Heavenly (Sign Of The Winnerand Dust To Dustalbums) and Civilization One (Revolution Risingand Calling The Gods). Pierre takes over bass duties from Jari Kainulainen, who left the band earlier this month for personal reasons.

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Ex-Stratovarius guitarist Timo Tolkki announces Erik Kraemer as vocalist of Infinite Visions, new song to be released

Ex-Stratovarius guitarist Timo Tolkki proudly announces Erik Kraemer as vocalist, finalizing the INFINITE VISIONS lineup. Erik states, “I am happy to say that I will be part of Timo Tolkki’s Infinite Visions. It is a huge honor to be a member of a band full of very talented musicians. I’m very excited, and I will utilize my vocal abilities to the maximum to create the best music possible for people to hear”.

This past summer, Erik played an acoustic show in Finland with Timo where they performed several Stratovarius classics including “Black Diamond”, “Hunting High And Low”, “Forever” and “Eagleheart”.

Video of Erik and Timo performing an acoustic version of “Black Diamond”:  https://youtu.be/wkfmnhS2TqQ

Erik is known for his impressive vocal range, and also sings for the Finnish progressive metal band Simulacrum (Frontiers Records). Here he sings a cover of the Steelheart classic, “She’s Gone”: https://youtu.be/qaxHQ4YSmso

Infinite Visions has finished recording a 4-song demo which will now be presented to labels worldwide. This demo includes the tracks “Dangerous”, “Sonata Black”, “You Rock My World” and “Infinite Visions”, songs which will be featured on their upcoming album, “Union Magnetica”, to be released in 2021. They plan to tour and perform select festival dates next year.

The band will be starting a crowdfunding campaign early next month to help finance the making of their album. To kick off the crowdfunding they will release a video for a song from their 4-track demo, with this song also streaming on the band’s web site.

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Infinite Visions’ lineup includes Timo Tolkki (guitars), Jari Kainulainen (bass, Masterplan/ex-Stratovarius), Pawel Jaroszewicz (drums, ex-Hate/Vader), and Jimmy Pitts (keyboards, Eternity’s End/NorthTale). Infinite Visions would like to thank Jorge Segersbol, a great vocal talent who due to the global COVID-19 pandemic could not logistically continue with Infinite Visions as he was located in Peru and the band in Europe.

Eternity’s End guitarists Christian Muenzner & Phil Tougas release play-through video for “Necromantic Worship”

ETERNITY’S END have released a playthrough video for “Necromantic Worship”, a total shred fest featuring the twin guitar attack of Christian Muenzner (Obscura/Paradox) & Phil Tougas (First Fragment/Funebrarum). 

Phil comments, “This is “Necromantic Worship” by Eternity’s End. This song has tons of Jason Becker/Marty Friedman/Cacophony vibes, through a filter of 90s European Power Metal, US technical Thrash & Apocrypha/Helstar influences – just modernized. Hannes Grossmann, whom is also the band’s drummer, remixed the song for this video specifically. Each song off Unyielding(the album we released last year) all sound different from one another but this one is definitely the least Euro-power sounding song of it.”

Unyieldingis the 2nd album from Eternity’s End and incorporates the same neoclassical elements and complex keyboard work already present on their debut release, The Fire Within, all while taking cues from the mid to late 90’s German/European Power Metal classics and the 80s US Power Metal scene. Their intent was to create riff-oriented and straight-forward, technical yet catchy power metal hymns with a high emphasis on harmonized leads and guitar solo duels that bring to mind the golden age of Shrapnel Records guitar heroes.

The band’s lineup includes vocalist Iuri Sanson (ex-Hibria), keyboardist Jimmy Pitts (Infinite Visions/NorthTale) and drummer Hannes Grossman (Alkaloid/Triptykon). They are currently writing material for their 3rd album.

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INFINITE VISIONS drummer Pawel “Pavulon” Jaroszewicz records playthrough videos of demo songs

INFINITE VISIONS drummer Pawel “Pavulon” Jaroszewicz (ex-Hate/Vader) has recorded playthrough videos for the 5 songs on the upcoming Infinite Visions demo, which will be finalized this month. The tracks include “Sonata Black”, “Infinite Visions”, “You Rock My World”, “Dangerous”, and “Voice Of Tomorrow”. The full drum playthrough videos (with the final versions of the songs) will be released periodically starting at the end of August. Here is a 30-second preview from “Sonata Black”, with the backing guitar track NOT the final, finished version:


Infinite Visions is the new band formed by ex-Stratovarius guitarist/songwriter Timo Tolkki (guitars), and includes in its lineup ex-Stratovarius bandmate Jari Kainulainen on bass, and keyboardist Jimmy Pitts (Eternity’s End/NorthTale).

Their upcoming debut album, “Union Magnetica” will be produced and mixed by Timo Tolkki, whose producer credits include the Stratovarius classics Episode,Visions, Destinyand Elements Pts.1& 2. Additionally, he has produced/mixed albums by Vision Divine, The 69 Eyes, Allen/Lande, Amorphis, Ring Of Fire, Avalon, Symfonia, and Revolution Renaissance, among many others. Timo is currently available to work on select projects as a producer and/or mixer and can be contacted via email at Timo@timotolkki.net

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Ex-Stratovarius guitarist Timo Tolkki to stream special acoustic performance: “TIMO TOLKKI – STORIES & SONGS”

Guitarist/songwriter Timo Tolkki will present a very special solo acoustic show on Saturday July 4, 2020 that will be streamed via Facebook Live at www.facebook.com/TimoTolkki777. The time of the show will be 20:00 Central European Time, 13:00 Mexico, 11:00 Los Angeles, 14:00 New York, 13:00 Brazil, 19:00 London, 21:00 Moscow.

Entitled “TIMO TOLKKI – STORIES & SONGS”, during the performance he will play material from the first 3 Stratovarius albums — Fright Night,Twilight Time, and Dreamspace, as well as songs from his solo albums Classical Variations and Themesand Hymn to Life. In this intimate setting Timo will also tell the stories behind the songs — how they were written, what inspired him, and what they mean to him.

This show will be free as a gift to his fans, but throughout the performance viewers can show their appreciation of Timo and his music by donating via PayPal to:  https://paypal.me/TimoTolkki777

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Timo Tolkki’s INFINITE VISIONS announce Pawel “Pavulon” Jaroszewicz as their drummer

Ex-Stratovarius guitarist Timo Tolkki proudly announces that Pawel “Pavulon” Jaroszewicz joins the band on drums, completing the INFINITE VISIONS lineup. Pawel is best known for his playing with extreme metal bands, including Hate, Vader, Decapitated, and Antigama (and most recently, performing with Belphegor on their 2019/20 USA & European tours) .

Pawel states, “I am happy to announce that I will be a part of Timo Tolkki’s Infinite Visions. Although not many associate me with this style of music, it always had it’s place in my life alongside the more extreme genres. It will definitely be an interesting experience to see what I can bring to the table and hopefully create some new quality music with a distinct sound.”

Pawel first came to the recent attention of Infinite Visions through the Stratovarius drum audition videos he made several years ago (video links below). The band were very impressed with his performance, and thereafter asked Pawel if he would like to join Infinite Visions!

Stratovarius drum audition – “Father Time” :   https://youtu.be/cI5iZ1eE3hw

Stratovarius drum audition – “Coming Home” : https://youtu.be/A9GXimkXPIU

And here is a drum playthrough video for the Hate song, “Into Burning Gehenna” – https://youtu.be/lT2QatZVGvE

Pawel’s endorsements include Tama drums, Meinl cymbals, Wincent Drumsticks, and Czarcie Kopyto Pedals.

For more information about Pawel visit his social media sites:

Web site – www.pavulon-drummer.com

Facebook –  www.facebook.com/pavulondrummer

Instagram – www.instagram.com/pawelpavulonjaroszewicz

YouTube – www.youtube.com/c/PawelPavulonJaroszewiczOfficial

Infinite Visions’ lineup includes Timo (guitars), Jari Kainulainen (bass), Jorge Segersbol (vocals), and Jimmy Pitts (keyboards). The band is currently recording a demo which will be presented to labels worldwide, and features 5 songs from their upcoming album, “Union Magnetica”. The band plans to tour and perform select festival dates after the album is released next year.

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Timo Tolkki’s INFINITE VISIONS Unveils Band Logo, Reveals Album Title

INFINITE VISIONS, the new band formed by ex-Stratovarius guitarist Timo Tolkki, has unveiled their logo. Created by Georgi Georgiev of Moonring Art Design, it features Timo’s “trademark” fleur-de-lis symbol, as well as some other familiar elements — but with a twist.

The debut album by Infinite Visions will be titled “Union Magnetica” and feature 10 songs, including “Sonata Black”, “Voice Of Tomorrow”, “Dangerous”, “Infinite Visions”, “Miranda”, and “The Master Of Hell, A Slave In Heaven”. There will also be an additional bonus track for different territories.

The lineup consists of Timo on guitars, Jorge Segersbol (Ancestral Dawn) – vocals,  and Jimmy Pitts (Eternity’s End) – keyboards, with a bassist and drummer to be added soon. The band is in the midst of recording a 5-song demo to be presented to labels worldwide.

In concert Infinite Visions will perform songs from throughout Timo’s career, including material from their upcoming debut album, as well as Stratovarius classics, and tracks from Revolution Renaissance, and Symfonia.The band plans to begin recording their debut album at the end of this year, with plans to tour for the album when it is released sometime next year.

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Ex-Stratovarius guitarist Timo Tolkki digitally releases first two solo albums, Classical Variations And Themes & Hymn To Life

The first two solo albums from ex-Stratovarius mastermind Timo Tolkki — Classical Variations And Themes(1994) and Hymn To Life (2002) — have finally been made available on all digital platforms. These out-of-print albums contain some of Tolkki’s most emotional and inspired work. Classical Variations And Themes is a predominantly instrumental effort, with Tolkki demonstrating his neoclassical guitar composing skills on such tracks as “Flying Samir,” “Capriccio In A Minor,” and “Lord Of The Rings”. The album also has two songs with vocals, both sung by Tolkki: “Fire Dance Suite” and “Soldier’s Prayer.”

Hymn To Life is a very personal record, with Tolkki chronicling on several songs his feelings towards his father (who committed suicide when Timo was a young boy). The album also features guest vocal performances from Michael Kiske (Helloween) on “Key To The Universe” and Sharon Den Adel (Within Temptation) on “Are You The One?”, with Timo handling lead vocals on all the remaining tracks of this diverse release.

Timo also recently renewed his relationship with ESP, rejoining the guitar manufacturer which made the iconic instruments Tolkki played on Stratovarius’ classic releases and performed live on stage with. Timo is endorsing the ESP E-II HORIZON-III and LTD H3-1000FR guitar models.

Tolkki is currently writing and demoing songs for the fourth Avalon album, as well as finishing writing songs for the debut album of his new band, Infinite Visions (who will be including an updated version of “Fire Dance Suite” on the release, with Jorge Segersbol handling vocals).

Guitarist Christian Muenzner (Eternity’s End, Alkaloid, ex-Obscura, ex-Necrophagist) releases play-through video for “Demon Angel”

Guitarist Christian Muenzner (Eternity’s End, Alkaloid, ex-Obscura, ex-Necrophagist) has released a play-through video for “Demon Angel”, a track from his 3rd all instrumental solo album, Path Of The Hero.

The influences on the album range from Neoclassical and Heavy Fusion to Power and Progressive Metal. With 9 tracks and a total playing time of only 35 minutes this is the shortest of Muenzner’s three solo albums so far, purposely done to keep in the tradition of the late 80’s Shrapnel Records albums.

In the video Christian is wearing a special glove, and as he explains, “Since 10 years I suffer from a neurological disorder called focal dystonia, which causes involuntary muscle contractions in my fretting hand. I am wearing this musician’s practice glove as it helps a bit to reduce the symptoms of my left hand dystonia; because of the texture of the material the brain gets slightly different sensory information from the fingers, and the dystonic impulse is not triggered as heavily as without the glove. I only use it when I play really difficult stuff. It’s a good tool, although the effect wears off over time.”  

Path Of The Herofeatures Eternity’s End bandmates Jimmy Pitts (keyboards) and Hannes Grossmann (drums; Alkaloid, ex-Obscura, ex-Necrophagist). The album was released in Japan and South Korea through King Records on March 11 and comes out in the rest of the world on March 20 through Muenzner’s own label, Shredquarter Records.

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Ex-Stratovarius guitarist Timo Tolkki announces Vocalist & Keyboardist of his new band Infinite Visions

Guitarist Timo Tolkki (ex-Stratovarius) is proud to announce Jorge Segersbol (Ancestral Dawn, Pegasus) as vocalist and Jimmy Pitts (Eternity’s End, Northtale) as keyboardist for his new band INFINITE VISIONS. They are joined by Alex Holzwarth (Rhapsody, Avantasia, Sieges Even) on drums.

The band is currently recording a 5-song demo to be presented to labels worldwide. Songs include “Dangerous”, “Sonata Black”, and “Voice Of Tomorrow”.

Jorge recently recorded a medley of two Stratovarius songs, “Paradise” and “Before The Winter”, to let fans hear what they can expect when Infinite Visions goes on tour and performs songs from throughout Timo Tolkki’s career. Infinite Visions will not only play material from their upcoming debut album, but also Stratovarius classics, and tracks from Revolution Renaissance, Symfonia, and Avalon.

In what can only be described as “Destiny”, ten years ago Jorge recorded a cover of the Stratovarius gem “Black Diamond” with his previous band, Nautiluz. The Stratovarius material — along with two songs from his band Ancestral Dawn — can be heard here:

Stratovarius medley:  https://youtu.be/tvhaohI8JH0

Nautiluz – “Black Diamond”:  https://youtu.be/CcrBsF-kZLo

Ancestral Dawn – “StormHaze”:  https://youtu.be/ofmvagn3zAs

Ancestral Dawn – “Enter The Shaman”:  https://youtu.be/O2OkYD6-zeE

Jimmy’s much in-demand keyboard heroics are on display in these playthrough videos of songs from Eternity’s End and Christian Muenzner:

Christian Muenzner – “The Talisman”:  https://youtu.be/WTNYe-HaIIc?t=170

Christian Muenzner – “Shadow Over Innsmouth”:  https://youtu.be/NnhlxTDrDsY?t=221

Eternity’s End – Neoclassical shredding:  https://youtu.be/W7cun-cLZk0?t=36

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