FC Metal Agency

FC Metal Agency offers press, online & radio promotion including working with relevant print magazines, online webzines, and radio stations all over Europe, social media networks and other platforms which are mainly accessed by buyers of Metal & Hard Rock music.
The client will receive regular, individually timed updates on all actions done, incoming feedback, and a final press kit with the complete results.

Promotion will also include:

1. Newsletter mailing to all relevant media partners including product information
2. CD shipment and digital download offer (via Haulix) to all media partners
3. Inquiries for interview requests, features and reviews
4. Touring announcements (if applicable)
5. News promotion on FC Metal’s web site and social media
6. Reviews sent in advance via e-mail as soon as they come in
7. Client will receive a press kit including all results at the end of promotion

Period of promotion for each title: 3-4 months after start of promotion

PR territory: Europe

FC Metal Agency can also get clients discounts on advertising rates and CD samplers in the leading heavy metal publications.

Contact: http://fcmetal.com/contact/