ADAMANTIS release lyric video for “Misbegotten Dream”

ADAMANTIS, a new name in US power metal, have released a lyric video for their second single, “Misbegotten Dream”, a track from their debut album Far Flung Realm, which hits the streets on October 23, 2020.

“Misbegotten Dream” is centered around the well known fantasy character Elric of Melnibone, shown from a slightly different, more somber light. Specifically, it follows Elric reflecting on the death of his lover Cymoril at his hands, and all of the terrible darkness and violence in his life.

Musically the song sits firmly on a classic heavy metal base melancholic chorus. The doubled voices of vocalist Jeff Stark evoke inner turmoil, and the wide pan of the backing vocals in the chorus recreates Elric’s own inner monologue at war within himself.

You can download the song and pre-order the physical album in CD as well as digital format through their Bandcamp page:

Far Flung Realm tracklist:
1. Into The Realm
2. Unbound Souls
3. Misbegotten Dream
4. Puppeteers Bane
5. Fire And Brimstone
6. Imagination
7. Journey’s End
8. Oracle’s Prophecy
9. Second Sight
10. Siege Of Arkona
11. Voron The Ravensong

For more information visit their social media: