Firewind singer & Avantasia producer featured on video/single “Orphan Of Life” by Adrian Benegas



Metal songwriter, producer and keyboardist Adrian Benegas has released his new single and video “Orphan of Life”. The soaring symphonic metal track features Firewind vocalist Herbie Langhans, and the production skills of Benegas together with renowned producer Sascha Paeth (Avantasia, Kamelot, Rhapsody, Epica, etc).  

Throughout the second half of 2020 during the pandemic of COVID19, Adrian’s been busy working and producing new songs together with vocalist Herbie Langhans, who was also the lead singer on his debut album, The Revenant. This time around, Adrian has also teamed up with producer Sascha Paeth. “Orphan Of Life” is the first single of the upcoming production to be revealed, with more tracks being released in the coming months.

Benegas explains that, “It’s a song to rage out and get all the anger out at those who tried to break our spirits”. “Orphan of Life” is the anthem for the outsiders, for the ones that never truly fit in, like me. You should funnel that anger and negative energy to fuel your heart and desire to stand up and to climb even higher. Instead of feeling down, we should remember to use that pain to unleash the fighter inside us. We all have it!”